Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Delphi Programming For Absolute Beginners in FireMonkey (FMX) Course

Hi everyone.

I'm officially announcing my Delphi Programming For Absolute Beginnrs in FireMonkey (FMX) Course today on this blog!

This is the first 4K Resolution Delphi Programming Course on the Internet. The course is aimed at everyone looking to learn how to make cross-platform apps using the Delphi Programming Language.

The course will start off with the basics of Delphi and then gradually move to more advanced stuff like Databases, Objects, Multithreading, Animations and more.

Delphi 10.2.1 "Tokyo" has been released!

Announcing Delphi 10.2.1 "Tokyo"!

Good news to all Delphi and C++ Builder developers! Embarcadero Technologies released RAD Studio , Delphi and C++ Builder 10.2.1 "Tokyo" today and are now globally available.

This is the first update (Release 1) to RAD Studio 10.2. RAD Studio 10.2.1 includes the following  new features, enhancements, and bug fixes:
  • Delphi Linux server performance enhancements for both RAD Server and DataSnap.
  • Delphi and C++ compiler and linker updates that resolve issues loading packages, especially when debugging, on Windows 10 Creators Update.
  • Support for latest versions of iOS and Xcode (iOS 10.3 and XCode 8.3.2) when targeting the iOS App Store.
  • FireDAC support for MSSQL 2012, 2014, 2016, and ODBC Driver 13.
  • Significant C++ linker improvements pertaining to linking larger projects.
  • Fixes and enhancements to the Runtime Library and VCL.
  • Additional Android enhancements around control rendering and performance, and fixes for TEdit issues with Android N.
  • FireDAC Support for InterBase 2017 Exclusive Isolation Level and Transaction Wait Time.
  • Changes in DataSize for fields of type ftInteger and ftLongWord to avoid using the platform-dependent LongInt and LongWord type (the change affects only 64-bit Linux and 64-bit iOs platforms), and related changes for SetFieldData and GetFieldData
  • Fixes for over 140 issues reported by customers in Quality Portal.

The download links for RAD Studio can be found here:
You can also go and download the free Starter Edition of Delphi or C++ Builder.

Apart from the awesome release of RAD Studio 10.2.1 "Tokyo", I'm also releasing a brand new and free 4K resolution Delphi Programming For Absolute Beginners in FireMonkey Course (Find the blog post here).