Saturday, February 4, 2017

Delphi Programming for Humans (Book)

I’ve decided to write a book

So I've been thinking of ways to help promote Delphi to keep the language alive. I've really enjoyed making the YouTube training videos and I think it is time to write a Delphi training book now.

Why I'm writing this book

Ever since I started learning to program back when I was 15-years-old I quickly realized the large demand for good Delphi books. There really aren’t any good Delphi books aimed at beginners. There was some good books here and there, but not any new and updated books. I started wanting really bad to fix this gap and provide a really good book. I’ve written two draft books of around 20-40 pages about Delphi in the past 3 years, but it never got anywhere. I never really got past basic things such as loops and arrays. The book was doomed to fail, but now I want to try again. This is why I'm writing this new book. I wish to provide a good book for beginners to learn new skills, but also for old programmers to pick up some new skills.

How the book will be published

I'm not planning on publishing it in the traditional way. I will be publishing it publicly on this blog. I will try and write a chapter per month and then every month I will post the whole chapter as a blog post on this blog. The posts will represent my rough copy of the book. These blog posts will not be my final book.

(Note: I can not promise a chapter per month, but I will see what I can do 😊)

Why I'm publishing the book like this

Publishing the book in this way will give me more motivation to finish it because I know that people will be expecting me to finish it. This will also help me write a better book as everyone will have access to the early pages of my book and help me improve it. Their feedback will help me shape this into a fantastic book.

The purpose and goals of the book

I would like for the book to be a book for anyone, but specifically aimed at new programmers or people with no prior coding knowledge. The book will need to be able to take you from beginner to expert.

Another goal I have for this book is to be a book that will feel more intimate and personal. When you're reading it then it must feel as if I'm sitting next to you and just simply explaining and showing you how to program.

Below you will find all the chapters of the book. I will keep updating this blog post and all new chapters will be added to this post. So make sure to bookmark this page.

Delphi Programming For Humans:


  1. I think it would be better if you target (Object) Pascal language that is also supported by Delphi. Object Pascal is larger than Delphi. By targetting Pascal language, you could also cover Free Pascal and Lazarus IDE as well. Not all beginners are capable to purchase Delphi, you know. And it will also break the false implication that Pascal (Delphi) is only available on Windows, while in fact we could use Pascal language on any platforms using appropriate tools. 😊

    1. My first chapter is published. You will see that I mention the Lazarus IDE, but my focus is on Delphi because Delphi has some cool stuff I would like to use and teach which Lazarus does not have.

    2. Delphi Starter edition is free.

  2. Look forward to reading it and passing it on to newbies.

  3. Good Job Shaun! Keep up the good work!

  4. ummmm. has your book progressed beyond chapter 1??

    1. hi. good intro. is there more chapters available??